CETOP Normen

For the European industrial market CETOP standards represent the standard for measurements, terminology and products. This standard is developed by several groups – including

  • CETOP G5P for pneumatics
  • CETOP G5H for hydraulics

And is in conjunction with the national standards bodies such as NBN, DIN, AFNOR, BSA, etc. Many CETOP standards also form the basis for the preparation of an international standard by ISO.

Hydraulica Pneumatica

ISO norms

ISO is the international standard determined by various national (BIN), European (CEN) and globally organizing committees. The last updated standards relating to hydraulics, pneumatics and compressors date from March 19, 1998. All of these standards are the subject of a detailed file and may be obtained from the NBN (Belgian Institute for Standardization)

  • General Fluid Power
  • Systems Pumps and Motors
  • Cylinders
  • Hoses, fittings, valves and filters
  • Other Parts for Fluid Power
  • Compressors and pneumatic machines