Parker A Series Piston Accumulators


The Parker A Series Piston Accumulators (250 & 350 bar) offer quality design and premium technical features which guarantee optimum performance life. This product is ideally suited for:

  • Industrial market
  • Marine market
  • Automotive market
  • Construction Market


A Series accumulators are available to suit maximum working pressures of 250 and 350 bar. The same premium quality design and technical features guarantee optimum performance and service life from every model, while differing wall thicknesses to suit 250 or 350 bar working pressures allow the designer to specify precisely the right performance envelope for the application.

Effective heat dissipation is vital for long seal life. Compact, rugged steel shell and end caps allow heat to dissipate efficiently, while the bore of the accumulator is micro-finished to maximise seal life. Downtime is minimised by the use of threaded caps to simplify maintenance of the accumulator, permitting quick and easy installation of seals.

Rapid response in high cycling applications is assured by Parker’s lightweight piston design. The dished profile of the aluminium piston gives extra gas capacity while maintaining stability in the bore, and permits a greater usable volume of fluid. Piston position sensors, available as an optional feature, enable the condition of the accumulator’s precharge to be monitored.

Long service intervals are made possible by total separation of oil and gas, even under the most severe operating conditions. Parker’s A Series accumulators feature a wide piston seal assembly comprising a unique five-bladed V-profile O-ring with back-up washers, which eliminates seal roll-over even in high speed applications. The V-O-ring holds full pressure throughout long idle periods between cycles, providing dependable, full pressure storage of hydraulic energy.


  • Quality design and technical Features ensure long service life
  • Serviceable Product
  • Lightweight piston design assures rapid response in high cycling applications


  • Industrial Hydraulic Power Units
  • Machine Tools
  • Automotive
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable & Wind Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Transport Rail & Truck
  • Mobile Construction & Agriculture

Product series A Series
Product type A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8
Gas volume 0.1 to 77.2 L
Body material Carbon steel shell and end caps. Aluminium piston
Maximum operating pressure 250/350 bar
Valve port size Standard Cored-Type Gas Valve. Optional Poppet-Type Gas Valve (1/2-20 UNF-2A) inch
Port size G3/4, G1, G1 1/2, G2 inch
Maximum flow rate 5700 L/min
Specifications met CE PED – Europe, CRN, SELO not required for under 30 Litres, CE PED – Europe, CRN
Minimum operation temperature -20 °C
Maximum operation temperature 150 °C
Weight Weights vary depending on model kg
Height Heights vary depending on model mm
Industry Industrial Hydraulic, Power Units, Machine Tools, Automotive, Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Renewable & Wind Energy, Power Generation, Mining, Transport Rail & Truck, Mobile Construction & Agriculture
Accessories includes Clamps, Brackets and Charging Kits