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Truck Hydraulics by Parker

A number of hydraulic components in truck hydraulics have been especially developed for mobile handling machinery.

A clutch is often provided to enable the hydraulic pump truck to be disengaged when not in use. As these hydraulic pump for truck are driven through the gearbox they should normally only be used for services operated when the hydraulic truck is stationary. If used whilst the hydraulic truck is in motion, the speed may fluctuate considerably. Parker develop special valves which are designed so that they can mounted at the frame with one inlet and one outlet to serve all the actuators.

Controlling the truck hydraulic valve

In the area of the mobile-control truck hydraulic valves, the requirements in the last possible years are constantly increasing. Parker offers valves, which can be controlled mechanically as well as proportionally, whereby a free demand of the control elements in the cab is possible.

Through the use of digital electronics in trucks with hydraulics, there is the possibility of a shelf diagnosis, an automatic sensitivity adjustment, whereby a control adjustment on the control panel is omitted.

How truck hydraulics work

The working and steering hydraulics are supplied with oil by a single truck hydraulic pump, which operates in an open circuit. They are hydraulic cylinders for acting and retracting, lifting and lowering for example a telescopic arm.

Users are supplied with load-sensing connections, which are connected to the variable displacement truck hydraulic pump, with the demanded oil flow at the required pressure.

Electronics in hydraulic pump for truck

An electronic control system plays a central role for the functioning of the drive. It optimizes the transmission ratio depending on speed, desired driving speed and required performance according to the driver’s chosen working mode.

The use of electronics in hydraulic pump for truck systems today is simply and safely fulfilling many needs in connection with the control and monitoring of the work functions on different types of hydraulic pump truck installations.

In need of hydraulic truck pumps?

Service Hydro supply a number of truck hydraulic pumps adapted to fit to the special provided gearboxes of many trucks with hydraulics. We have are offering several truck hydraulics for sale. You can contact us by telephone or fill out our contact form for any questions.

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